We are a group of young Democratic leaders, community activists, and organizers mobilizing Miami-Dade County’s constituents with a vision of prosperity, solidarity, and engagement. Focusing on all areas relating to community service, political education, and action, the MDYD serves as a hub of access for anyone looking to become active participants in the democratic process. By ensuring commitment to justice and democracy, the Miami-Dade Young Democrats are ready to deliver on our mandate.  

Our Mission

By using our collective resources, relationships, and experience the Miami-Dade Young Democrats work to achieve connecting aspiring community leaders and activists in our effort to exert influence over the Democratic Party in favor of a more progressive vision. To that end, the Miami-Dade Young Democrats will engage and activate young people into the Democratic Party and the rest of the Miami-Dade political sphere. In addition, we are committed to community service in an effort to meet the needs of our neighbors and the Miami-Dade County constituency at large. We will work closely with other Democratic caucuses, clubs and organizations in order to effectively organize and ensure that we achieve electoral and political success.

Our History

The original Miami-Dade Young Democrats started in the early 1960s. Having many ups and downs throughout its history, the current iteration of MDYD began in 2013. It was re-established as a joint effort by members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party’s Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) and local Democratic Party activists. In the 2010s, Lil Bach introduced the re-chartering of MDYD which got further development by Aaron McKinney’s board. Past Presidents include Kilan Bishop, Steve Simeonidis, William Byatt and Diaundrea Sherril. In 2020, former President Adrian Delgado re-established and rebuilt MDYD in its current iteration. And under the leadership of current President Justin Routt, MDYD now encompasses 40% of total Florida Young Democrats membership and has become a major force for change in Miami-Dade.

MDYD's Plans for the 2024 Cycle

The Miami-Dade Young Democrats will focus on three programs to develop in 2023-2024

Community Outreach

  • Community service and volunteer events
  • Establishing relationships with all other democratic clubs and organizations
  • Establishing relationships with local community leaders including elected officials, activists, heads of nonprofits/charities etc

Digital Execution

Political Engagement

  • The creation of a Candidate School to assist young people interested in running for office.
  • Creation of an organizer’s course to include workshops, training and resources.
  • Social media overhaul
  • Content creation 
  • Strong digital presence

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