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Young Democrats

“There’s not one person, not one elected official, not one politician that's going to save us all. It's gonna take all of us banding together, building power, doing what we need to do to fight for our future.”

Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost

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Our mission

By using our collective resources, relationships, and experience the Miami-Dade Young Democrats works to achieve connecting aspiring community leaders and...

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Our plans

The Miami-Dade Young Democrats will focus on three programs to develop in the 2024 Election cycle: Community Outreach, Political engagement and Digital Execution...

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Our history

The original Miami-Dade Young Democrats started some time in the early 1960s. Having many ups and downs throughout its history, the current iteration of MDYD...

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Meet the team!

MDYD comprises Executive Officers and Directors, which makes up the MDYD Board. Officers have been elected, and Directors are appointed.

The MDYD Board is split into three committees:

1. Outreach/Community Organizing
2. Government and Political Affairs
3. Communications/Social Media

For questions or inquiries please email: Alex@mdydemocrats.org