Directors Board
Communications Team

Travon Tony Pierre
Public Relations Director

Genesis Cosme
Social Media Director

Lauren Cosio
Policy Comms Director

The Communications Team is responsible for all activities relating to social media, the MDYD official website, public relations strategy, as well as active management of MDYD’s digital presence and public statements. It is also the first point of contact for all press, partnerships and other contact.

Communications Team

Outreach Team

Mariana Kellogg
Event Coordinator

Gwen Monterroso
Community Service Director

Alex Haq
Fundraising Director

Pablo Menendez
Outreach Director

Kevin Garcia
Social Affairs Director

The Outreach Team is responsible for all activities relating to community service, social events, political events, government events, and other such public and private activities that allow for MDYD to connect with the Miami-Dade community on a more active basis.

Outreach Team

Government and Political Affairs Team

David Puentes
Political Affairs Director

Alexandre Monnier
Program Director

Jude Bruno
Political Engagement Director

Maia Botero
Government Affairs Director

Samantha Duran
Disabilities Coordinator

Government and Political Affairs

The Government and Political Affairs Committee is responsible for all activities relating to exclusively political and governmental. Including the development of workshops, civic education, organizer’s courses and the official MDYD Candidate School. They are also responsible for the creation of MDYD Public Policy, including the 2021 MDYD Prosperity Plan for Federal, State, and County Policy endorsements.