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As an Active Member of MDYD, you are expected to attend our monthly General Body meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month at 8pm (via Zoom until further notice). Our bi-weekly newsletter Young Dems Press, keeps you updated on all MDYD events, including community service projects, campaigns and political events. We speak to elected officials, candidates and other community leaders regularly, and you will have an opportunity to connect with figures within the Democratic Party and the political world at large.


Former Presidents endorse MDYD's capacity for leadership and organizing!

“I was a member of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats since 2013 then was elected their President in 2019. The organization was pivotal in my development as a leader. Because of their diversity, inclusion and operating as a team, the young democrats represent the future of the local party and perhaps the state party as well. It brings me joy to look back at the organization now and see people that I worked alongside leading the organization.”
Diaundrea Sherril, former president MDYD

“Being a member of MDYD was one of my most rewarding political experiences to date. It was within that space that I grew as a leader and met so many passionate, young politicos dedicated to the idea changing the world as we know it for what we dream it to be. The Youngs Dems represent the future of the local party, where the flame of passionate and services burns bright and new energy and ideas are cultivated."
Aaron McKinney, former president of MDYD

“Being a member of the Young Dems provides a valuable start to anyone wanting to get involved in Miami-Dade politics. Not only are you learning about local government and campaigning, but you’re making a difference while doing it.”
Steve Simeonidis, Chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and former President of MDYD.


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